• Parent/Guest Access Page

Welcome to the Parent/Guest Access Page. Parent/guest access privileges must be renewed annually by the student. If your student has provided you with a password,you now have access privileges to view your student's academic and financial information (online only). When you sign in below, you will be able to view

  • Current charges

  • Estimated future charges for the upcoming term once the student has registered

  • Financial aid awards and award status

  • Academic history, academic standing, grade point average, courses taken

  • Current registration

Please be aware that this is confidential information and should not be shared. For more information regarding the confidentiality of student records, please see www.uab.edu/ferpa.

If you have questions, please contact One Stop Student Services at onestop@uab.edu or 205-934-4300.
Please note: The only way to get a password is from the student who authorized the access.