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Transfer CourseUAB EquivalentEffective Term
PHL 201-INTRO TO PHILOSOPHY PHL 100-Intro to Philosophy Fall 2007 to  End Of Time
PHL 301-Histoey of Philosophy PHL 232-Classical Political Thought Fall 2007 to  End Of Time
PHL 302-History of Philosophy PHL 341-History of Phil: Descartes Fall 2007 to  End Of Time
PHL 309-Business Ethics PHL 290-Topics in Philosophy Fall 2001 to  End Of Time
PHL 313-Life and Death Issues PHL 315-Ethics: Good/Evil Fall 2001 to  End Of Time
PHL 316-Social & Political Philosophy PHL 230-Social/Political Philosophy Fall 2005 to  End Of Time
PHL 399-Special Studies PHL 499-Directed Studies Fall 2007 to  End Of Time
PHL 481-UNKNOWN TITLE PHL 315-Ethics Good and Evil Fall 2002 to  End Of Time