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Transfer CourseUAB EquivalentEffective Term
PSY 201-GEN PSYCH General Elective Fall 1983 to  Summer 2006
PSY 201-General Psychology
PSY 202-General Psychology
General Elective
PY 101-Intro to Psychology
Fall 2006 to  End Of Time
PSY 201-GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY PY 101-Intro to Psychology Fall 2006 to  End Of Time
PSY 202-GEN PSYCH General Elective Summer 1983 to  End Of Time
PSY 221-BEHAV ANALYS General Elective Fall 1983 to  End Of Time
PSY 314-HUM ADJUSTMENT General Elective Fall 1984 to  End Of Time
PSY 340-COGNITION PY 303-Intro Cognitive Sci Fall 1991 to  End Of Time
PSY 350-Human Lifespan Development PY 212-Developmental Psychology Fall 2005 to  End Of Time
PSY 360-Social Psychology SOC 120-Intro to Social Psychology Fall 1994 to  End Of Time
PSY 380-HUMAN ADJUSTMENT PY E3-PY Major Elective Fall 1991 to  End Of Time
PSY 381-Abnormal Psychology PY 218-Abnormal Psychology Fall 2006 to  End Of Time