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Transfer CourseUAB EquivalentEffective Term
WR 115-Intro to College Writing General Elective Fall 1994 to  End Of Time
WR 121-English Comp:Expos & Argu
WR 122-Comp: Style & Argument
EH 101-English Composition I
General Elective
Fall 1994 to  End Of Time
WR 121-Intro to Academic Writing EH 101-English Composition I Fall 1994 to  Summer 2001
WR 121-ENGLISH COMP General Elective Fall 2001 to  End Of Time
WR 123-COMPOSITION: RESEARCH EH 102-English Composition II Fall 2001 to  End Of Time
WR 243-Intro to Poetry Writing General Elective Fall 2002 to  End Of Time