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Transfer CourseUAB EquivalentEffective Term
PENP 101-Beginning Swimming KIN 101-Beginning Swimming Fall 1993 to  End Of Time
PENP 114-Weight Training & Phy Con KIN 115-Weight Training Fall 2012 to  End Of Time
PENP 121-Beginning Belly Dance General Elective Fall 2008 to  End Of Time
PENP 155-Pilates General Elective Fall 2011 to  End Of Time
PENP 156-Pilates General Elective Fall 2011 to  End Of Time
PENP 158-Aerobic Dance I KIN 131-Aerobics Fall 2012 to  End Of Time
PENP 165-Yoga General Elective Fall 2009 to  End Of Time
PENP 193-Yoga Pilates General Elective Fall 2014 to  End Of Time