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Transfer CourseUAB EquivalentEffective Term
CS 105L-Intro to Computer Programming CS 102-Principles of Computer Science Fall 2013 to  End Of Time
CS 151L-Comp Prog Fund for Non-Majors CS 102-Principles of Computer Science Fall 1995 to  End Of Time
CS 241-Data Organization Using C General Elective Fall 2008 to  End Of Time
CS 241L-Data Organization CS 330-Comp Organiz/Assembly-Lang Fall 2006 to  End Of Time
CS 259-Data Structure with JAVA CS 201-Intro Obj Orient Programming Fall 2008 to  End Of Time
CS 259L-Data Structures with C++ CS 201-Intro Obj Orient Programming
General Elective
Fall 2005 to  End Of Time
CS 261-Mathematical Found of Comp Sci CS 250-Discrete Structures Fall 2006 to  End Of Time