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Transfer CourseUAB EquivalentEffective Term
ANTH 101-Introduction to Anthropology ANTH 101-Intro to Cultural Anthropology Fall 1995 to  End Of Time
ANTH 1211-Archaeology Method and Theory CORE 1A4EL-Area IV Soc & Behavio Sci Elec Fall 2019 to  End Of Time
ANTH 1211L-Archaeology Method/Theory Lab General Elective Fall 2019 to  End Of Time
ANTH 125-Man in Nature ANTH 102-Intro to Biological Anth Fall 1986 to  End Of Time
ANTH 130-CULTURES OF THE WRLD ANTH 101-Intro to Cultural Anthropology Fall 1993 to  End Of Time
ANTH 150-Evolution & Human Emergence ANTH 102-Intro to Biological Anth Fall 1993 to  End Of Time