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Transfer CourseUAB EquivalentEffective Term
HIST 100-MOD WRLDGNSDSTNY HY E1-HY Major Elective Fall 1985 to  End Of Time
HIST 101-ROOTS OF MODERN EUROPE HY 101-Western Civilization I Fall 2008 to  End Of Time
HIST 102-MODERN EUROPE HY 102-Western Civ II Fall 2001 to  End Of Time
HIST 202-INTRO TO RECENT AMERICAN HY HY 121-The United States Since 1877 Fall 1993 to  End Of Time
HIST 221-ISALAMIC CIVI TO 1800 General Elective Fall 2009 to  End Of Time
HIST 222-ISLAMIC CIV SINCE 1800 General Elective Fall 2009 to  End Of Time
HIST 392-Tudor-Stuart England,1485-1715 HY 390-Topics in History Fall 1994 to  End Of Time
HIST 456-ARGENTINA HY E4-HY Major Elective Fall 1998 to  End Of Time