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Transfer CourseUAB EquivalentEffective Term
PSYC 1110-G-Introduction to Psychology PY 101-Intro to Psychology Fall 2019 to  End Of Time
PSYC 120-Intro to Psychology PY 101-Intro to Psychology Fall 1998 to  End Of Time
PSYC 210-STATS FOR SOC BEH PY 214-Elem Stat Meth Desgn Fall 2002 to  End Of Time
PSYC 231-EDUCATNL PSYCH PY E2-PY Major Elective Fall 2000 to  End Of Time
PSYC 245-BRAIN BEHAVIOR PY 253-Brain Mind Behav Fall 2002 to  End Of Time
PSYC 246-DRUGS BEHAVIOR PY 109-Drugs & Human Behavior Fall 2003 to  End Of Time
PSYC 275-THEORY OF PERSONAL PY 372-Social Psychology Fall 2002 to  End Of Time
PSYC 299-SPTOMOVIESMENTAL General Elective Fall 2002 to  End Of Time