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Transfer CourseUAB EquivalentEffective Term
MAT 085-ALGEBRA & GEOMETRY II MA 102-Intermediate Algebra Fall 2007 to  End Of Time
MAT 101-Quanititative Literacy MA 110-Finite Mathematics Fall 2008 to  End Of Time
MAT 102-Liberal Arts Mathematics MA 110-Finite Mathematics Fall 1994 to  End Of Time
MAT 110-COLL ALGEBRA MA 105-Pre-Calculus I Fall 1991 to  End Of Time
MAT 124-Finite Math MA 110-Finite Mathematics Fall 1994 to  End Of Time
MAT 134-Intro to Cal for Bus & Soc. Sc General Elective
MA 109-Survey of Calculus
Fall 2006 to  End Of Time
MAT 170-ELEM STATISTICS MA 180-Intro to Statistics Fall 2007 to  End Of Time
MAT 235-Calculus & Analytic Geometry 3 MA 227-Calculus III Fall 2013 to  End Of Time
MAT 341-Differential Equations MA 252-Intro Differential Equations Fall 1994 to  End Of Time