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Transfer CourseUAB EquivalentEffective Term
MAT 108-Trigonometry General Elective Fall 1994 to  End Of Time
MAT 119-COLLEGE ALGEBRA MA 105-Pre-Calculus I Fall 2000 to  End Of Time
MAT 120-FINITE MATHMTCS MA 110-Finite Mathematics Fall 2000 to  End Of Time
MAT 121-Applied Calculus General Elective Fall 1998 to  End Of Time
MAT 130-Dimensions of Numerical Reason General Elective Fall 2004 to  End Of Time
MAT 145-CALC I MA 125-Calculus I Fall 2001 to  End Of Time
MAT 146-CALC II MA 126-Calculus II Fall 2001 to  End Of Time
MAT 150-Statistical Reasoning MA 180-Intro to Statistics Fall 2011 to  End Of Time