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Transfer CourseUAB EquivalentEffective Term
COMP 100-Computer Appl for Bus with Lab CS 101-Fluency With Information Techn Fall 2001 to  Summer 2016
COMP 100-Computer Appl for Bus w/ Lab General Elective Fall 2016 to  End Of Time
COMP 110-Computer Appl. For Business General Elective Fall 1990 to  End Of Time
COMP 110L-Computer Appl. For Bus. Lab General Elective Fall 1990 to  End Of Time
COMP 129-PC Hardware & Software w/Lab General Elective Fall 2005 to  End Of Time
COMP 230-Intro to Scripting & dbase w/L CS 102-Principles of Computer Science Fall 2005 to  End Of Time