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Transfer CourseUAB EquivalentEffective Term
MATH 1200-College Algebra MA 105-Pre-Calculus Algebra Fall 2008 to  End Of Time
MATH 140-MATH FOR ELED TCH I MA 113-Math For Ele Teacher Fall 2000 to  End Of Time
MATH 151-PRE-CALCULUS I MA 102-Intermed Algebra Fall 1983 to  End Of Time
MATH 152-PRE-CALCULUS II MA 105-Pre-Calculus I Fall 1983 to  End Of Time
MATH 161-INTERMED ALGEBRA MA 102-Intermed Algebra Fall 1990 to  End Of Time
MATH 162-COLLEGE ALGEBRA MA 105-Pre-Calculus I Fall 1990 to  End Of Time
MATH 163-COLLEGE ALG TRIG MA 106-Pre-Calculus II Fall 2002 to  End Of Time
MATH 171-UNKNOWN TITLE MA 107-Precal Alge Trig Fall 1990 to  End Of Time
MATH 201-LINEAR ALGEBRA General Elective Fall 1990 to  End Of Time
MATH 209-BASIC CALCULUS MA 109-Survey of Calculus Fall 1983 to  End Of Time
MATH 214-Intro to Finite Mathematics MA 110-Finite Mathematics Fall 2007 to  End Of Time