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Transfer CourseUAB EquivalentEffective Term
PSY 1000-INTRO TO PSYCH PY 101-Intro to Psychology Fall 2003 to  End Of Time
PSY 200-PRIN PSYCHOLOGY PY 101-Intro to Psychology Fall 1997 to  End Of Time
PSY 2000-PRIN PSYCH PY 101-Intro to Psychology Fall 1999 to  End Of Time
PSY 3235-Cross Cultural Psychology PY 213-Cross-Cult Persp on Child Dev Fall 2014 to  End Of Time
PSY 3400-Life Span Studies Seminar PY 212-Developmental Psychology Fall 2013 to  End Of Time
PSY 3600-Abnormal Psychology PY 218-Abnormal Psychology Fall 2014 to  End Of Time