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Transfer CourseUAB EquivalentEffective Term
CSCI 100-INTRO COMP-BSD SYS CS 101-Computing Fundamenta Fall 1997 to  End Of Time
CSCI 1011-INTRO COMP INFO SYS CS 101-Computing Fundamenta Fall 2001 to  Summer 2016
CSCI 1011-Intro to Comp Info Systems General Elective Fall 2016 to  End Of Time
CSCI 1911-Foundations of Programming CS 100-Computational Thinking I Fall 2012 to  End Of Time
CSCI 2911-Computer Science I CS 200-Computational Thinking II Fall 2010 to  End Of Time
CSCI 2916-Computer Science I Lab CS 200L-Computational Thinking II Lab Fall 2010 to  End Of Time
CSCI 3201-MICRO APPL MGMT CS 101-Computing Fundamenta Fall 2001 to  Summer 2016
CSCI 3201-Info Mgmt Use Spreadsheet & DB General Elective Fall 2016 to  End Of Time